Yoda OG Nano Water Soluble Blend

Yoda OG Nano Water Soluble Blend25%-off
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Yoda OG Nano Water Soluble Blend

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Nano water soluble Blends

For Informational purposes
Nano water soluble Blends
Yoda OG

This blend has been Nano Emulsified in water so it is ready to use as is, This blend is made from Terpenes found in the plant and we use a process called Nano emulsification of these Terpenes so they will no longer separate. Normally if you add oil to Water it will separate, using this new technology our blends will no longer separate. This process also increases the bio-availability which in Layman’s terms means it will be absorbed more readily than a normal blend ultimately meaning less is more.

Typical uses

All our Blends are very accurate representations of what is in the plant. We don’t just rebottle and label we Actually make the blends here in Australia
Australian law severely limits what we can say and prevents us linking to current resources on the wellness potential and effect of these products. These blends are sold for use for as flavouring purposes only. We suggest you take time to research the blends and determine the suitability of the product for your needs. That being said there is a alot of resources available and we would highly recommend you do some research as this is widely available.
This is Sonicated in water:

WARNING: This product is intended for use by adults 18 or older. Please keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not consume or handle if pregnant, nursing or being treated for a serious health condition. DISCLAIMER: Effects are provided as a guide only. Statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. Terpenes alone do not dictate the strain effects. Strain Specific Terpenes contain flavour and aroma isolates only and VG and emulsifiers needed for nano Sonification. Our products also do not contain any CBD or THC. Effects may vary depending on user and application. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.
FOOD GRADE Non-GMO We use only Terpenes that are FDA/FEMA GRAS (generally recognized as safe).
Keep lid securely tightened and prevent unnecessary air exposure. Store in a consistent cool environment (below 20 degree C) and away from any direct sunlight. Improper storage can cause Terpenes to degrade over time.
Allow 5 days to manufacture this blend
Use by 3 months after Manufacture Date if kept refrigerated if not 30 days from manufacture date.

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Bottle Size

100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

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