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How Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Strengthen Your Hair and Scalp
Hemp seed oil is a mostly clear oil with a light green hue. It’s extracted from hemp seeds. Hemp is a cannabis plant, but it’s different from Cannabis sativa, the variety that people use to get high. Unlike hemp, Cannabis sativa contains THC, the compound that causes psychoactive effects
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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Australian Grown Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp seed oil is a light green, nutty flavoured oil extracted from hemp seeds. At Aussie Blue Terpenes we use locally grown hemp and cold-press the seeds to extract our high-quality oil. Hemp seed oil is often confused with CBD oil. However, while hemp seed oil and CBD oil are closely related
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7 Creative Ways to Use Hemp Seed Oil in Food
We have all heard about the benefits of including coconut oil and olive oil in our diets, but it’s time to set our sights on hemp seed oil — nature’s ‘miracle’ oil. Hemp seed oil is a type of oil extracted by cold pressing raw and unrefined hemp seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant.
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